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Noelle Morgan, Programmer at Tivoli Free Library

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Local Middle Schoolers who will be entering 5th-9th grade next fall: come join us for Battle of the Books! Battle of the Books is part book club and part trivia contest. We’re currently adapting this program to be online. Book selection and synopses is attached!

Interested? Please email with “BOB More Info” in your title. I’ll be checking emails and will get back to everyone with more details!

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Hey Grown-ups, You’re Home Too! Go on a Literary Scavenger Hunt!  3/25/20

Use all the resources you have at your fingertips to answer the questions on our Literary Scavenger Hunt! Most are pretty easy, some are a little less easy. And the kids might be some help on a few of the questions. Deadline: April 19th. Submit your answers to

PRIZES!! Yes! We will award prizes to the first 10 correct submissions. We don’t know yet what they will be, but you’ll get them when the Library is open again – good luck!

Literary Scavenger Hunt


What Are We Reading?

Episode 1: 3/29/20

Here’s a short video of a few of the staff talking about what they’ve been reading while at home!

Every Monday at 2:00pm: LIVE Bollywood Dance Workshop with Arobi

Arobi Hanif, Programmer at Tivoli Free Library




Hosted on Zoom, come join Arobi in this live Bollywood dance workshop. Tune in on Monday, March 30, 2020 at 2pm to learn some fun and easy steps.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Calligraphy 101: Let’s Practice Basic Drills 3/27/20

Noelle Morgan, Programmer at Tivoli Free Library

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Hi friends!

If you’re interested in learning the art of calligraphy, join me here on Fridays for meditative practice, calligraphy drills, helpful links, and more! I’ll post updates each week with new ideas to practice at home.

Today’s lesson is introductory drills:Drills

The best way to master calligraphy is to practice daily and increase muscle memory. I’ve created and attached practice sheets that you can print at home. Or you can follow the strokes shown here and create your own guidelines. See below for next steps:

(1) Draw your guidelines: Using a ruler, draw out 1″ wide lines, with a dashed center line so there is space 1/2″ above and 1/2″ below. The top line will be the “cap-height”, bottom line will be “baseline” and the dashed line will be the “x-height.”

(2) Find a pointed pen or marker: a crayola marker works great! Practice the 8 basic strokes shown at left, adjusting your pressure to capture a thick and thin line. Go slow! Take your time with each stroke.

(3) Set aside time for daily practice and continue practicing. Check out how improved your strokes become as you develop confidence!

For a fun spin on drills, check out this drills sheet from The Postman’s Knock. The Postman’s Knock blog is an incredible resource for beginners with tips, tricks and free printables!

The Postman’s Knock “Not Your Average” Drills Sheet

You can download the 8 basic strokes here:


Happy practicing!!

What We’re Reading at Home (Kids Edition): Blended by Sharon M. Draper 3/25/20

Noelle Morgan, Programmer at Tivoli Free Library


Hi guys!

Like many of you, we’ve been busy catching up on reading at home. I’ve heard from many of our younger patrons at the library and at school about the book Blended. This book happens to be one of the six titles selected for the Battle of the Books summer trivia contest, so I was eager to read it!

Blended is one of those books that’s hard to put down. It’s fast paced and easily forges a connection between the reader and the main character, Isabella. Eleven-year-old Isabella’s parents are divorced and she has to switch lives every week. Her mom’s house is very different from her dad’s house, and Isabella feels pulled between the two worlds. Isabella is also biracial and questions how she fits in within the context of these two worlds. There were some weighty topics explored in this book. The pithy dialogue and quick moving plot make this novel a must read!

Quote from my middle schooler: “I like how the author blended (no pun intended) the topics of divorce and race.”

Have you read this book? If so, what were your thoughts?

Calligraphy 101: The Alphabet, 4/3/20

Noelle Morgan, Programmer at Tivoli Free Library

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Hi friends!

This week we practice the alphabet in Modern Calligraphy. See below for a full size, printable attachment you can use for practice. Use a Crayola marker or any pointed pen or marker you have at home.

Alphabet2Keep in mind that there are many different letter styles in Modern Calligraphy. If you don’t love the way a letter looks, feel free to improvise or research one you like better. The attached guide is just a starter.

Have fun! Take your time. Practice alternating the thin and thick strokes with each letter. The more you practice the more confident your lettering will become.

Download your practice guide here: Calligraphy_Alphabet and don’t forget to email with any questions as you work through your drills:

Family Yoga Mindful Mini with Beth


Kids and families are welcome to join Beth in this short yoga session great for all ages!

Battle of the Books: Book Titles, 3/25/20

Noelle Morgan, Programmer at Tivoli Free Library

Hi there,

For those of you interested in Battle of the Books for Middle School (for students entering 5th-9th grades next fall), below are the selected titles for 2020. We’ll be reworking the calendar for BOB, but in the meantime you can peruse the list below!

A little background: Battle of the Books is a trivia contest for Middle School and High School students. Participants meet with their team over the spring and summer, participating in book discussions, fundraisers, practice drills and more.

More to come as dates are reworked. Meanwhile, read on for the titles and reach out with any questions at

2020 Titles

All Rise

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